Short Term Exchange • Confirmation of Cover Switch

Insurance status on financed vehicles to reduce credit risk

Confirmation of vehicle insurance

This service allows an Asset Finance Company to facilitate a secure, efficient and thorough search on the vehicles currently financed under active vehicle finance agreements and obtain feedback regarding the status of the insurance cover on the vehicle, the type of insurance applicable as well as the specific details of the finance company which interests have been noted on the policy.

Type of Insurance

Confirmation of the specific cover type i.e. Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only on a specific vehicle

Risk address details

Risk address details


Credit shortfall details

Session Details

Interest noted of finance house, and details

Missed Premium notification

Missed Premium notification

Policy Status

Policy lapse / cancellation notification

Short Term Switch Pricing
Confirmation of Cover

The pricing is based on the frequency of requests carried out by an Asset Finance Company.

Asset Finance Company Pricing Models

Individual Check
(Searches performed with 0 - 3 monthly intervals)

(Searches performed with 3 - 6 monthly intervals)

Missed premium notification

Lapsed notification

Prices Exclude VAT

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