RISK • Anti Money Laundering

Know your client through easy plug and play AML services

Compliance with the Financial Intelligence Act through a single integration

In terms of the amended Financial Intelligence Centre Act, South African Accountable Institutions must adopt a risk-based approach to Anti-Money Laundering (AML). To meet this need, Astute offers an AML solution as part of Risk Services.

The AML solution assists corporate security professionals with the screening of their customer data against Politically Exposed / Influential Persons (PEP or PIP), various Watch-Lists and Sanction Lists and to perform Customer Due Diligence.

Establishing and verifying client’s identities.

Understanding and obtaining information regarding business relationships.

Performing ongoing due diligence.

Identifying domestic and foreign prominent and influential persons, their immediate family and close associates.

Keeping due diligence records.

Identifying if a client is a sanctioned person or entity.


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