Short Term Exchange • Binder Holder Service

A standardised data exchange between Insurers and off platform systems

Seamless Data Exchange to reduce compliance risk

The Astute Short-Term Exchange enables Short Term Insurers to access the data of customers whose assets they insure on third party systems through a single secure data exchange platform and standard thereby increasing data completeness to enable efficient risk management and IFRS17 compliance.

Complete Data Sets

Improved quality and completeness of data through implemented data validation measures and rules.

Single integration

Reduced costs, time and effort with a single integration point to access data from multiple sources.

Data Quality

Reduced errors when processing data as the switch returns non-conforming messages back to the sender.

Legislative Compliance

Conformance to legislation as the Insurer can properly assess and manage their Financial Risk (IFRS17).

Improve Customer Outcomes

Reduced risk of poor customer outcomes as data is imported directly onto the Insurer platform.

Industry Data Standard

A single data standard enables the conformance of data from multiple sources.

ISO 27001 Certified

Secure Data Platform – ISO Certified, strict compliance processes, regular audits and cybersecurity.

Bordereaux Submissions

Premium and claims data submission.

Short Term Switch Pricing
Policy Synchronisations Fee

Band 1
0 – 18 000

Band 2
18 001 – 24 000

Band 3
24 001 – 32 000

Band 4
32 001 – 48 000

Band 5
48 001 – 96 000

Band 6
96 001 – 200 000

Premium and Claims Bordereaux and Claims Synchronisation Transaction Fee

Band B
0 – 1 000 000

Annual Support Fee

Software Providers - 20Hrs p/a
R27 508.00

Insurers - 60 Hrs p/a
R82 518.00

Prices Exclude VAT

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