INTERMEDIARY • Investment Switch

Daily transactional and Assets Under Management information

A single view of Investments

The Astute Investment Switch provides an affordable single portal for investment brokers to manage client’s investment portfolios across various Investment companies. This provides a single consolidated statement of all investments for investment clients and enables a holistic view for the investment broker of all Assets Under Management (AUM) within their portfolio of clients. Transactional updates are received daily on all clients across the available Investments companies, consolidated through a standardised data standard into a single easily consumable report.

Daily Updates

Daily updates of inflow and outflow transactions.

Consolidated Report

Consolidated client investment statements through a single data standard.

Consolidated AUM

Total Assets Under Management.

Direct Feed to FNA of Choice

Direct integrations to Financial Needs Analysis systems.

Single View Across Investments

Offers integration points to the top Investment companies and growing at a fast pace.

Report includes

Daily updates of inflow and outflow transactions of all clients.

Consolidated client investment statements.

Total Assets Under Management across participating Investment Companies

Service and Integration Options

Astute Online (AOL) Front-end as a single transaction to download all transactional data

Astute Online (AOL) Front-end Excel based Assets Under Management Report and Analysis

Back-end integration to FNA and High-Volume systems for investment data (Daily)

Investment Switch

A monthly subscription fee of R275.63 applies per subscriber to the service for a maximum of 300 clients.  

For any portfolio over 300 clients, an additional rate (as detailed below) will apply per client and will be added to the monthly subscription amount.

1 – 300
Included in R275.63 Subscription Fee

300 +
R 1.00 additional Monthly Per Client

Prices Exclude VAT

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