COMPLIANCE • Compliance Inquiry Service

Central service to consolidate Personal Service Provider and B-BBEE compliance requirements

Assists Product Providers to comply with the Tax Act and Financial Sector Code requirements

The service provides a central point for all FSPs to complete the declarations and affidavits required by Financial Product Providers they have contracts with, to comply with the Income Tax Act relating to Personal Service Providers as well as Financial Sector Code B-BBEE declaration requirements. This service reduces cost and provides consolidated compliance reports and access to the required documents in a central industry owned database.  

Single Industry Solution

FSPs only have to complete the declarations once during every cycle.

Shared Cost Benefit

Reduces the cost of compliance through industry collaboration and  single system development.

Services includes

1. Administration management of all FSPs on Product Provider subscription lists.
2. Online portal for FSPs and Product Providers.
3. Consolidated reporting.
4. Automated notifications and central management of declarations and      affidavits.


Annual contribution to the industry enhancement fund.

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