INTERMEDIARY • Astute Medical Aid Switch

Access to over 80 medical aid providers

Medical Aid data at your fingertips

The service is available on Astute Online as an option to include with the Consolidated Client Portfolio. Financial Needs Analysis software applications, as well as insurer line of business platforms, are able to directly integrate with the service, providing a single integration point to the data available from more than 80 medical scheme providers.

Digital Consent Requirement

To ensure compliance to data sharing regulation and foremost, the protection of the end consumer’s data, upfront consent from the data subject must be in place before the processing of any data. Therefore, we have implemented a Digital Consent process for transactions performed via Astute Online and integrated platforms.

Medical Scheme Providers

1 AECI Medical Aid Society

2 Alliance-Midmed Medical Scheme

3 Anglo Medical Scheme

4 Anglovaal Group Medical Scheme

5 Bankmed

6 Barloworld Medical Scheme

7 Bestmed Medical Scheme

8 BMW Employees Medical Aid Society

9 Bonitas Medical Fund

10 BP Medical Aid Society

11 Building & Construction Industry Medical Aid Fund

12 Cape Medical Plan

13 Chartered Accountants (SA) Medical Aid Fund (CAMAF)

14 Compcare Wellness Medical Scheme

15 De Beers Benefit Society

16 Discovery Health Medical Scheme

17 Engen Medical Benefit Fund

18 Fedhealth Medical Scheme

19 Fishing Industry Medical Scheme (Fishmed)

20 Food Workers Medical Benefit Fund

21 Genesis Medical Scheme

22 Glencore Medical Scheme

23 Golden Arrow Employees' Medical Benefit Fund

24 Grintek Electronics Medical Aid Scheme

25 Horizon Medical Scheme

26 Hosmed Medical Aid Scheme

27 Impala Medical Plan

28 Imperial Group Medical Scheme

29 Keyhealth

30 LA-Health Medical Scheme

31 Libcare Medical Scheme

32 Lonmin Medical Scheme

33 Makoti Medical Scheme

34 Malcor Medical Scheme

35 Massmart Health Plan

36 MBMed Medical Aid Fund

37 Medihelp

38 Medimed Medical Scheme

39 Medipos Medical Scheme

40 Medshield Medical Scheme

42 Metropolitan Medical Scheme

43 Momentum Health

44 Motohealth Care

45 Naspers Medical Fund

46 Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme

47 Netcare Medical Scheme

48 Old Mutual Staff Medical Aid Fund

49 Parmed Medical Aid Scheme

50 PG Group Medical Scheme

51 Pick n Pay Medical Scheme

52 Platinum Health

53 Profmed

54 Quantum Medical Aid Society

55 Rand Water Medical Scheme

56 Remedi Medical Aid Scheme

57 Resolution Health Medical Scheme

58 Retail Medical Scheme

59 Rhodes University Medical Scheme

60 SABC Medical Aid Scheme


62 Sasolmed

63 Sedmed

64 Selfmed Medical Scheme

65 Sisonke Health Medical Scheme

66 Sizwe Medical Fund

67 South African Breweries Medical Aid Scheme (SABMAS)

68 South African Police Service Medical Scheme (POLMED)

69 Spectramed

70 Suremed Health

71 TFG Medical Aid Scheme

72 Thebemed

73 Tiger Brands Medical Scheme

74 Topmed Medical Scheme

75 Transmed Medical Fund

76 Tsogo Sun Group Medical Scheme

77 Umvuzo Health Medical Scheme

78 University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Medical Scheme

79 University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg Staff Medical Aid Fund

80 Witbank Coalfields Medical Aid Scheme

81 Wooltru Healthcare Fund

Service and Integration Options

Astute Online (AOL) Front-end as a single transaction.
Back-end integration to FNA or High-Volume integrations.

Medical Aid Data Subscription

1 – 10 000

> 10 000
Price on application

Prices Exclude VAT

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