Developing the next generation of digital specialists


We operate in a fast paced and ever-changing sector, one that requires passionate, agile and innovative minds. As such, Astute has partnered with WeThinkCode with a strategic focus of developing new talent and in doing so, also making a positive contribution towards the serious issue of youth unemployment in South Africa.


One of the things that makes our business unique is that we operate at the pulse of the financial services industry and place high value in working collaboratively with our stakeholders to provide innovative technology solutions which have a far-reaching impact. Therefore, the WeThinkCode partnership is a sensible fit for our organisation as it provides its learners with tangible training and internship opportunities that are relevant to the highly digital-technology driven landscape of the job market in South Africa.   


Our collaboration with WeThinkCode is an integral way of contributing to the upskilling of young minds and taking a step, which provides a meaningful and long-term impact.  Not only does Astute provide funding for selected students in the program, we have also been afforded the privilege of the presence of these students who have joined the Astute team to gain software engineering related work-place experience during the course of 2018.  Since February this year, our students have been working with our technical teams to gain practical work experience by applying their training knowledge to real-time Astute projects.  Through this internship, our students are also provided with an opportunity to collaborate with and learn from highly experienced and technically skilled individuals.


We are very proud of our partnership with WeThinkCode and share their collaborative view of developing the next generation of digital specialists.